The “Cristal Baschet” is a musical instrument made of glass and metal. It is based on the principles of “Euphones” (Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni), who built the predecessor in 1790 in Wittenberg, Germany. Bernard and Francois Baschet (Paris) rediscovered the instrument in 1952 and developed it into the contemporary “Cristal Baschet”.
The “Cristal Baschet” is a completely acoustic instrument of unusual sound which does not use any electric amplifying-device, created as an antithesis to the rapid development of electronic music.
About 60 glass rods are horizontally affixed to tuned metal stems. If the glass rods are gently rubbed with moist fingers, the vibrations are passed on to the metal and amplified by cones made of various materials and a tall cut out metal part, creating a singular listening experience.