Niseema studied Instrumental Pedagogics (Piano) at the Academy for Music and the Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, concentrating on French and Spanish piano music afterwards. For several years now people have been able to experience her contemporary musical work as a Cristalist on TV as well as at exhibitions and concerts.
Niseema likes to condense the sound worlds of the “Cristal Baschet” into compositions of her own. Colorful pieces or minimalistic elements, her play is a musical pearl of unusual expressiveness. Niseema hereby opens doors to strange yet strangely familiar worlds of sound.
The “Cristal Baschet” is Niseema’s passion. In an intensive three year cooperation with the Baschet brothers, a “Cristal Baschet” with more than five octaves was developed for her. Unimagined vistas of sound opened up. At the moment, about twelve concert Cristals of this construction exist worldwide. More are to follow.