Niseema – Musical artist, Cristalist

“Music and sounds work their own magic on us, as we can experience every day”, says Ingeborg Stein, a misucal artist/cristalist who performs under the Name Niseema. “The sound patterns discovered by Chladni in 1787 show us visually – though only for this one frozen moment - that a sound can create a certain spatial structure of impressive harmony and beauty. But the sound strikes us as acoustically beautiful and pleasing as well. – Yet music is flowing and fleeting. The sound cannot be retained.”

Even during her studies (Instrumental Pedagogics/Piano) at the Academy for Music and the Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Ingeborg Stein was fascinated by the power of sounds. For her the Cristal Baschet as an instrument epitomizes a perfect balance of change and stability, the strange and the familiar, flowing away and repetition. These insights made work on her diploma thesis an exciting journey of discovery.

She contacted the Baschet brothers, the inventors of the Cristal Baschet, and after finishing her diploma thesis persuaded Bernard Baschet to build a bigger Cristal Baschet with a range of about five octaves for her. They entered new territory with enthusiasm and meticulousness, looking for acoustical ways to create new sounds. This resulted in three years of research and intensive cooperation until the high expectations of all participants were met: harmony, beauty and balance. -
At the moment, about twelve concert Cristals of this construction exist worldwide. More are to follow..

Whether a musical staging in the tension context of architectur and space, a special highlight at company events, or an exclusive concert in your own home – out of her wide repertoire Niseema will arrange the music fitting the occasion: modern classical music, film and theater music, musical tales, improvisation.

Whoever has experienced one of her live-performances knows what Niseema means if she says: “Music is like a wave, a dynamic of sounds that come and go. The Cristal Baschet expresses this perfectly.” Strange yet strangely familiar worlds of sound open up for the audience. – No one misses modern methods of creating sounds electronically. Everyone who physically feels the vibration of these completely acoustic sounds is filled with astonishment. Hardly anyone who does not succumb to the charm of those ‘simple’ sounds.